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Manish and his brother Yash developed a chai blend reminiscient of the chai prepared by their mother in youth. Packaged in teabags for convenience and freshness, the new product was labeled “MY Chai” after the first initials of the two brothers’ first names. Later they developed the first chai tea that could be brewed using commercial coffee brewers for cafes and restaurants. As business grew they received requests from customers and retail clients for traditional teas as well. Maya Tea Company was born. Over the next few years the number of teas offered by the company multiplied, and today Maya Tea offers over 130 varieties of tea for both wholesale and individual customers.

Tony Gonzales

Nutsack (Ultra-Fresh Nuts)


We currently offer almonds, cashews, and a premium mix that will knock your socks off (if you wear socks). So go on, order a Nutsack, toss a few nuts in your mouth, and discover for yourself why "you never forget your first Nutsack".