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Hey everyone, thanks for your interest in Xanadu Coffee. I am Randy Denton, owner/roaster at Xanadu Coffee Co. I have been in the coffee business for thirteen years now and started Xanadu six years ago. Having no clue how to roast coffee or to maintain a wholesale coffee business, it has been a long road, but my current company is a reflection of my life long passion for good coffee. I love what I do, I love coffee, the story of coffee, I love the brewing process, the machines and the people behind coffee. Feel free to look around, email me, ask questions, or find me on Facebook.

Randy Denton

Papua New Guinea Mile High Station

$12.00 Sale Price ( $14.00 )

Fruit and citrus notes. Clean and smooth body. Herbal Aroma. Dark Chocolate.

Guatemalan Quetzal Co-op

$12.00 Sale Price ( $14.00 )

Sourced directly from Huehuetenango from a coop that goes back 6 generations.

Nutsack (Ultra-Fresh Nuts)


We currently offer almonds, cashews, and a premium mix that will knock your socks off (if you wear socks). So go on, order a Nutsack, toss a few nuts in your mouth, and discover for yourself why "you never forget your first Nutsack".