Coffee Drinks

A list of coffee beverages we offer

Espresso Drinks

A list of our espresso based drinks

Loose Leaf Tea (Maya Tea Company)

We offer a variety of loose leaf teas (please inquire with our barista about the teas we have for the day/week). Additionally, we offer amazing chai tea as well (sweet or spicy)

Frozen Coffee

Frozen coffee beverage? Yes, we've got it here.


We offer fresh fruit to create + make our fruit smoothies

Miscellaneous Beverages

We offer orange juice, apple juice, hot chocolate and soda if you're not a coffee/tea/smoothie/etc drinker or you just prefer one of these instead. Well, safe to say, we've got 'em.

Pastries + More

We offer pastries, muffins, cookies, energy bars and more

Sandwiches | Soups | Salads

We offer sandwiches, soups + salads (all prepared and made in-house)

Muffins | Cookies | Brownies | Energy Bar

A variety of muffins, cookies, brownies and energy bars that we offer


Airpot Coffee

We prepare, brew and offer our airpot coffee in 12 or 16oz. Fairly soon, we'll be offering a french press for customers that enjoy their coffee here at Cupz Coffee.


Double shot of espresso + hot water. As you can see in the photograph, the Americano is only full to about 75% of the 16oz mug. The reasoning: If any barista adds a double shot of espresso and fills the drink with hot water to the top, it will highly dilute the espresso, texture and taste.

Cafe au Lait

airpot coffee with steamed milk


A traditional cappuccino prepared, made and served in a 6oz demitasse. Double shot of espresso with four ounces of steamed milk. Dry Cappuccino: More foam than a traditional capp.

Caramel Latte (Hot or Iced)

Think Starbucks. They call there's a Caramel Macchiato, which has confused every coffee connoisseur across the planet. It's basically a Caramel Latte and we can make it for you.

Chai Tea (Hot or Iced)

A combination of brewed black tea with Indian spices + herbs. Prepared by a decoction of green cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, ground ginger, and black peppercorn together with black tea leaves

Cold Brew Coffee

Steeped for 24 hours and refreshing as can be

Con Panna

A traditional coffee drink is a double shot of espresso with whipped cream. Italian for "espresso with cream."


We offer a double shot (2 oz) of espresso

Frozen Coffee

We have an array of frozen coffee flavors, including coffee. Simply ask our baristas what our flavors are or simply read them off the menu.

French Press Coffee

We offer french press coffee (for here only). Our french press is 20oz. We use 32 grams of our french press beans and 18 ounces of hot water. We will hand deliver the french press and a 16oz ceramic mug to you with a 3-minute timer (to allow grounds/hot water to steep). Once your timer runs out, simply push down the plunger, pour and enjoy.

Latte (Hot or Iced)

A traditional latte is served in an 8oz demitasse or 12oz ceramic mug. However, we're in America and most consumers enjoy larger beverages. With that said, we offer our latte in 12 or 16oz. 10oz of steamed milk + a double shot of espresso (12 oz) 14oz of steamed milk + a double shot of espresso (16 oz)

Loose Leaf Tea (hot or iced)

We have a variety of loose leaf teas to offer courtesy of amazing Maya Tea Company (based in Tucson, Arizona). We offer (for here) hot tea in personal tea dispensers (shown in photograph). The barista will deliver the tea to you with a 3-minute timer. Please allow hot tea to steep, once timer runs out, take off lid place on table, then place tea infuser onto lid. Enjoy. Also, if you want another cup, the loose leaf tea can be re-steeped -- just ask one of our baristas to fill your mug with hot water (no charge for hot water). Black, Green & Herbal Simply take a look at our tea jars for flavors and/or ask one of our baristas.

Mocha Latte (Hot or Iced)

Chocolate syrup, double shot of espresso, steamed milk

Traditional Macchiato

2 oz double shot of espresso marked with an ounce of steamed milk. Italian for "marked with foam."

White Mocha Latte (Hot or Iced)

Syrup, double shot of espresso and steamed milk.

Apple Juice

Made from apples (the fruit) into juice. Hence: Apple Juice.

Caramel Apple Cider

Just what it sounds like.

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate syrup + steamed milk (whipped cream if you'd like)

Italian Soda

Sparkling water with flavored syrup + ice. Ask our baristas what flavors we offer.

Orange Juice

What it sounds like.

Pastries + More

We get our pastries from Jonathan Robins Bakery (located right here in Tempe). They're pretty amazing. Seriously, try one. Daily.


What?! You offer sandwiches? We do. Turkey, Ham, Schwartzenberry (just kidding, we made this up) + more. Just ask, we'll make it here. Fresh and ready to go.

Scones, Muffins + More

We offer these items. They're good.


We offer strawberry, banana, peach, mango, berry + more OR you can mix them.


You guys can't be serious. You offer soup too? Indeed. Simply ask our staff what soup we have for the day and it's all yours to enjoy. Well, perhaps not on a 122 degree day, but then again, that happened only once in 1992.


Steamed milk with flavoring. Ask our baristas what flavors we offer for the day.

Add Double Espresso

We pull double shots for all drinks. If you'd like a quad shot for your espresso drink, let us know.

Add Milk

All of our drinks are made with whole milk. However, if you'd prefer another form of dairy milk, let us know.

Add Syrup

Want more syrup?

Add White Coffee

By all means, bring on the whiteness. White coffee is lightly roasted (tastes similar to peanut butter).