Coffee Drinks

A list of coffee beverages we offer

Espresso Drinks

A list of our espresso based drinks

Loose Leaf Tea (Maya Tea Company)

We offer a variety of loose leaf teas (please inquire with our barista about the teas we have for the day/week). Additionally, we offer amazing chai tea as well (sweet or spicy)

Frozen Coffee

Frozen coffee beverage? Yes, we've got it here.


We offer fresh fruit to create + make our fruit smoothies

Miscellaneous Beverages

We offer orange juice, apple juice, hot chocolate and soda if you're not a coffee/tea/smoothie/etc drinker or you just prefer one of these instead. Well, safe to say, we've got 'em.

Pastries + More

We offer pastries, muffins, cookies, energy bars and more

Sandwiches | Soups | Salads

We offer sandwiches, soups + salads (all prepared and made in-house)

Muffins | Cookies | Brownies | Energy Bar

A variety of muffins, cookies, brownies and energy bars that we offer